Custom made designs

At Waterbird® we stock a full range of colours and patterns on the shelf for next day delivery.

If you require a parasail in special colours or company logos and letters, we will gladly customise any model in any colour combination you require.

Simply email or fax artwork for a same day quote. To order your parasail click here.

All artwork computer scanned for total representation of corporate image.
No charge for colour choice.

NEW FOR 2016 season

Waterbird® Parasails are available in 2 high quality fabrics both manufactured for us in the USA and 1 low cost fabric manufactured in Asia .

After extensive testing with our partners in the USA and throughout Europe over the last 9 years we are proud to offer the 2 best flying, longest lasting, strongest fabrics in the world today. The 2 USA made fabrics listed must not be confused with similar looking and name sounding fabrics from the Far East like Elastomer and Spectrum 1.3oz.

Ultra Flow 1.9oz
New improved 6.6 nylon high tenacity PU/silicone coated 1.9oz rip-stop. A very high tear strength fabric designed to take the harsh commercial wear and tear day in day out. Best suited to smaller high wind canopies or sandy beach use. Ideal for private users or commercial beach/winchboat operators. Available in 16 rainbow UV protected colours.

Ultrasil 1.1oz
New super light weight 6.6 nylon high tenacity double silicone coated 1.1oz rip-stop.
Ideal for the demands of heavy commercial users. Available for all parasails from 25ft to 48ft for improved opening/closing of the canopy and load carrying capability.
Ultra strong and long lasting. Available in 12 rainbow UV protected colours.

During field tests the 1.9oz and 1.1oz silicone coated fabrics will work for 5,500 to 6,000 flights!!

Spectrum 1.3oz
All new 6.6 nylon high tenacity double silicone coated 1.3oz rip-stop is our lower quality cheaper option for clients looking for the lowest costs. This is the fabric our competitors claim to be the same quality as our Ultrasil 1.1oz / Ultraflow 1.9oz listed above but we am sure once you see the price difference per item you will see there are major differences in purchase cost. We purchase the Spectrum 1.3oz fabric from the same UK suppliers as our competitors do at the same price per metre. Available in 13 rainbow UV protected colours.

During field tests the 1.3oz double silicone coated fabric will work for 2,000 to 2,800 flights!!

Colour Range

Spanish Gold
Kelly Green
Aluminium Silver
All colours subject to availability.

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