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Once again the first with innovation, Waterbird® are the only company able to offer the commercial operator a system that can fly three people side by side in total comfort.

Since it's launch in 1998 the Tripleizer bar has changed many businesses around the world.

In Florida 3 in 4 operators are running our Tripleizer bar coupled with our super heavy lifting low drag parasails, and with our double ring tow yoke, some operators are flying up to 5 customers on one flight!

For information on how to use the 5 point weight adjuster please click Here for the PDF instructions:

As an operator isn't it time you
made a whole family's day!


Families from around the world enjoy the ride of a lifetime on one our new
“Super Trade” heavy lifting range of parasails!!

warning: when flying all bar systems do not exceed maximum weight limit for size of parasail.

All bars made from HE30 'Aluminium Extruded Flat Bar'
powder coated to protect from salt!

All fittings stainless steel / all webbings polypropylene

Front View
Back View

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